WALTA - Mission Statement 

WALTA is a not-for-profit organisation concerned with promoting the Rule of Law that is both liberal and equitable. Our Association strives to preserve the traditional rights and freedoms that underpin our democratic society.

The free nations of the Western world have a storied Rule of Law tradition aimed at protecting our fundamental freedoms to life, liberty and property from unwarranted government intrusion. In addition to these fundamental freedoms are civil liberties: freedom of speech, freedom of religion and freedom of association (to name but a few).

Unfortunately, many of these civil liberties and fundamental rights are under serious threat from legislation, executive decrees and judicial fiat. To justify these encroachments, often included in various misnomers intended to assuage people’s fears, an array of dubious arguments have been gradually promulgated.

The government’s encroachment on civil rights and fundamental freedoms is often guised as being necessary to promote National Security, Environmental Protection, Terrorism, Hate Speech, Religious Vilification and Political Correctness to justify the passage of illiberal laws and deleterious administrative discretions.

Accordingly, the aim of the Association is to stimulate a public discussion of these issues through debates, academic publications and conferences. Our Association envisions the promotion of an open society of free and responsible individuals that preserves the classical liberal values that are the cardinal tenants of truly democratic societies.