Human Rights Issues Discussed by Distinguished Academics at WALTA Meeting

(L-R: Dr Augusto Zimmermann, Professor Doug Hodgson, Dr Marta Andrecka, Joshua Forrester, and Professor Jürgen Bröhmer)


On Monday 15 August 2016, two distinguished speakers privileged WALTA with their insights into human rights.

First, Professor Doug Hodgson, Dean of the University of Notre Dame Law School and an expert in Human Rights Law, expressed his concern at the current over-emphasis of human human rights and under-emphasis of correlating individual responsibilities.

Second, Dr Martha Andrecka, member of the Centre for Enterprise Liability and a Professor at Copenhagen Law University, discussed the integration of human rights into the public procurement process.

A lively debate followed both presentations.

Since discussion and debate are the life-blood of intellectual growth and academic freedom, WALTA extends their gratitude to both our distinguished speakers and all the members and law students who contributed to the lively debates.