Dr David Cox Speaks at WALTA Meeting

(L-R) Lyndsay Barrett, Prof Jürgen Bröhmer, Dr Augusto Zimmermann, Dr David Cox, Bianca Talbot and Bruce Linkermann


On Monday, 15 March, WALTA held its first meeting for 2016. We were privileged to have the presence of Dr. David Cox, Chair of the Law Reform Commission of Western Australia. Dr. Cox spoke about the history of the Commission and, despite it being a creature of statute, the importance of maintaining its independence as a statutory body from undue governmental interference. 


Following to Dr Cox’s presentation, our newly appointed Director of Publications, Bruce Linkermann, discussed his paper on Scalia’s dissent in Obergefell v Hodges. Bruce argued that fundamental rights are best protected when adopting an originalist approach to constitutional interpretation. A lively debate on this issue followed, celebrating our freedom to discuss issues in an academic environment that is tolerant of different opinions.